NPR# 43 PYRAMIDS OF MOON INN, Blue C50 tapes.
Releasedate Sept 12 2014.
8 Copies, No WWW/Mailorder, just physical hand-to-hand release.

Pyramids of Moon Inn

Pyramids Of Moon Inn

Track 03 recorded by The Swamp, Bunker Sun Studios, Göteborg 2000140829.
Track 04 recorded by Johannes, Iris, John Brander in Lund, spring 2014.
Additional synthesizers recorded at Homereccoco, Göteborg, summer 2014.

Vol II, more spaced out and anti-muzak perhaps than Vol 1, features 2 jams by The Swamp, recorded at Bunker Sun Studios straight to tape during their live "rehearsals" (20140829) after a hiatus lasting for over two years.. Guru-guru Cavemen kraut meets Dead Man on Mars, on Acid..
Track 04 is a deeply personal affair recorded by Johannes with his kids Iris&John in Lund,
with all the wilderness, warmth and confusion being living humans and tied together can evoke.

Watch Track 03 here
Stream Track 04 here