"Wild Flowers, this new act on the Göteborg lofi-scene. I once got invited to a session at their recording place, mid-day. Smoke and dim lights were making me sweaty and i almost fell out. The invisible landscape.
Dreamy soundwaves and soft focus, very loud. I saw some figures behind the layers of sound bouncing off the walls. It was pretty impressive. I heard that some of the tracks they put down on tape some sessions later on is now being produced and collected into their "debut tape", although I have in my very own hands a bootleg tape released 2 weeks ago. That´s how they work, you see a live gig but that´s not sure it´s their most presentable stuff, or even official. It flows and it´s really up to you to ride along. I have listened to them while watching my plants grow, reading books and just thinking about stuff that are on Mars, or closer."

-Diego LV

Dan Fröberg, very inspiring universal artist will remix these tracks and Wild Flowers will give it out as the sister/brother followup-release later on, probably at a live show. (Tape no 2)
In May 2014, tape no 3 will be available, fieldrecordings from the djungle in Palenque, Mexico.

(Eventually each taperelease will be collected in a box)

wild flowers altar
NPR34: WILD FLOWERS I , 20min Cassette+Pin /€8
Releasedate August 30, 2013. Limited edition 25 copies.

A: Girl From Sao Paolo (09:09)
B: D I A M O N D (10:00)

Recorded by WF June/July 2013 at The Bunker Sun Studios, Göteborg.
Part 1 of series.