NPR02: Skogar "Magic/Khands" 50min Cassette /€10
Releasedate October 29 2010.

"Magic/Khands were recorded on 2 broken 4-track´s cassettemachinery in october 2010 at Bunker Sun Studios, Göteborg. It´s Skogar´s 4th(!) release in 2010. This release is tapemanipulation, hearts torn to pieces, alternate realities, dim caves, cold hands, magic eyes, golden shivers and the future of what. It´s a Bardo Pond cover (Montana Sacra), it´s abstract, sweet and maybe one of Skogars finest acheivements so far. More epic, primitive and dark than Of The Valley´s, it´s back to the roots, where it all comes from and belongs."
NPR02 is available on cassette / cassette+special gallery edition (cassette+painting). Tracklist Aside: They wore white / Traders / Trial of Night Bside: 2 Riverboats / Montana Sacra / Claws of yours / Melt Brain / First growth / Encore
Contact NPR if you´re interested in purchasing gallery edition of Magic/Khands.

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Gallery edition, (paintingmotif varies), acrylic on wood ca 20X20cm/ €80